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About Us

commercial-mortgage-finalWatermark mortgage has been in business for the past 15 years. we serve most U.S. states with a wide variety of commercial loan products and amounts. our staff always provides free and helpful tips and suggestions to help you have a successful and more enjoyable experience when you are financing any commercial property.

We will assist you throughout the loan process and provide continued support and consulting well beyond the loan funding. we do what we say we will would do with integrity

Our commercial property loan programs. provide borrowers with fast, flexible financing options at very competitive rates. we offer stated income and full document program options to borrowers depending on their requirements and needs.

We’ve built our reputation one deal at a time, with over 80% of our business coming from referrals. Our strategy is very simple: We value professionalism,  hard work  and great customer service, and we build strong relationships that extend well into the future.

Save money by taking advantage of the lowest rates available. whether you are looking to lower your monthly payment or tap into the equity of your business for working capital. we will help you determine exactly what type of commercial refinance solution is best for you.

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